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Advanced FAQs

What is variable wattage/voltage vaping?

Variable Voltage/wattage vaping offers enhanced performance and more vapour than basic vape kits by adjusting the amount of power flowing through the e cigarette which in turn allows you to choose the level of heat in the coil which determines the amount of vapor produced.

Certain e liquids tend to produce better flavours when the atomizer is set to a higher heat setting. Variable voltage allows you to find and perfect this coil temperature.

What coil resistance should I use?

For more advanced vapers a common method of obtaining the perfect vaping experience for their personal taste is to use different coil resistances.

You can purchases vape coils in a range of resistances with the level of resistance measured in Ohms (Ω). The measurement refers to how swiftly electricity can travel through the coil so lower resistance coils allow electricity to pass through them quicker than high resistance coils.

Generally high resistance coils provide an economical use of both battery power and e liquid and produce less vapour with the potential for stronger flavours.

Low resistance coils produce a higher amount of vapour which is also warmer and provides the potential for stronger flavours. This comes at the cost of more battery use and more e liquid being used.

You can find the coil resistance that all of the devices available at Vapetto require within the product descriptions of all of our hardware.

What does changing the coil resistance do?

A lower resistance coil will heat up faster than a high resistance one and this results in more vapour creation that is warmer. A higher resistance coil results in a cooler hit as the coil takes a little longer to heat up.  

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping refers to vaping with a coil resistance of less than 1 ohm – sub ohm. Sub Ohm vaping offers increased vapour production and a boost to the flavour of e liquid. You need to make sure that your hardware supports sub ohm vaping – be sure to check that the battery and clearomizer or tank is compatible.

For this type of vaping we recommend using a high VG liquid as the higher vapour production could result in a harsh throat hit if a high PG liquid is used.

What is bypass mode?

Some of the more advanced e cigarette mod batteries offer bypass mode functionality which lets the battery operate in the same way a mechanical mod does. Mechanical mods use the maximum amount of wattage available in the battery rather than selecting one of the pre-set variable wattages.

Bypass mode allows vapers to fire their batteries at a lower resistance and is useful for sub ohm vaping. If you plan to use bypass mode we suggest using solely Kanthal wire coils.

How will I know which is the right wattage or voltage to use?

When it comes to variable wattage or voltage vaping, it is down to personal preference as to what is the right choice for you. We always advise starting with lower wattage and voltage and increasing gradually until you find the vape experience you are looking for.

Coils come with guideline voltage and wattages as part of the packaging. Ensure that you never set your kit to below the guidelines as it can result in fault operation.

What is e liquid steeping?

Steeping e liquid means maturing it to get the very best flavour out of it. Technically steeping begins as soon as the product is bottled and sat on a shelf as the ingredients and components of the e liquid thoroughly blend and mix.

How to Steep:

Placing closed e liquid bottles with the labels removed in a dark cool location for one to two weeks without letting light come into contact with them. Shake the bottles once a day and occasionally open them to allow for oxidisation – keep these openings brief and return the bottles to cool dark storage.

As the process continues the e liquid will become darker, however, if you begin to see rapid changes of colour or smell it could be that your e liquid has expired.

Steeping e liquid is down to personal choice and preference. It can be useful if you have a strong flavour you enjoy but would prefer it to be a little mellower, however, for lighter flavours it is not recommended as you could lose the subtle tones entirely.

What is dripping?

Dripping is a method of adding e liquid directly to the coil instead of filling up the tank. Dripping can produce crisper and clearer flavours whilst making the throat hit more intense. A further advantage of dripping is that it is much easier and quicker to switch between flavours as you don’t need to switch tanks.

Dripping requires some experimentation to get right and isn’t something for beginner vapers. It is usually best to start with 2-3 drops in and build up if necessary. Beware that too much e liquid dripped in can result in flooding the atomizer, too little and your atomizer can be worn out swiftly due to repeated dry burns.