Vaping is more popular than you think… Even the rich and famous have turned to vaping in the hope for a healthier lifestyle. The influx in e-cigarettes over recent years has led to a whole host of new celebrity role models.

Ronnie Wood:

Recently it was reported Ronnie Wood has attempted to kick in his nasty habit by turning to vaping after the birth of his twin daughters. Children are most at harm from smoking due to their un-developed lungs and immune systems so it comes as no surprise Wood has become more health conscious.

Catherine Zeta Jones:

Jones turned to e-cigarettes after her husband successfully beat throat cancer. This cancer affects thousands of people in the UK every year as a result of smoking. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not produce tar and nicotine meaning non-smokers are not at harm.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Back in February, at the Golden Globes, DiCaprio was spotted vaping, but this isn’t the first time. On several occasions the actor has been spotted with this electronic device and what better way to give up smoking?

Johnny Depp:

Depp’s character in The Tourist is seen smoking e-cigarettes in order to combat his smoking habit. He stuns others when he is seen lighting up on a train but later explains his device is in fact an electric one and does not release nicotine.


You may be surprised as to how many celebrities have turned to vaping in order to give up smoking. Other celebrities include Katy Perry, Richard Hammond and Jack Nicholson. They contribute to the 2.8 million adults in Great Britain who now use e-cigarettes. Vaping truly is on the rise.