If you’re thinking of switching to vaping there is really is no better time than now. Stoptober is a public health campaign challenging smokers to quit the habit for the month. The campaign is very much in line with our mission aim of getting 1,000,000 smokers to switch to vaping by the end of 2018. Vapetto is supporting Stoptober by sharing our e-cigarette and e-liquid expertise to help smokers transition to e-cigarettes for the challenge. We are also following two soon to be ex-smokers on during their challenge as part of Project Stoptober.

If you’ve been inspired by Stoptober and have decided to take the plunge to try to quit smoking you’ll most likely be wondering where to start. To make the transition as smooth as possible, here is a quick beginner’s guide to vaping to help you choose the best equipment and the right kind of e-liquid for you.

Vaping vs Smoking                                      

If you’re taking part in Stoptober there are several ways and methods to help you quit. Switching to e-cigarettes is one of the steps recommended by the campaign as a way to help kick the habit. In fact, when combined with local stop smoking support services switching to vaping proves very effective in helping smokers successfully quit.

Whilst e liquids can contain variable nicotine amounts, e-cigarettes do not produce the same harmful elements that smoking does such as carbon monoxide or tar. Public Health England’s 2015 independent evidence review found that, based on the available evidence, vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking.

What Is Vaping?

The first step to making the switch to e-cigarettes is to understand exactly what vaping is.

It sounds silly but a lot of people don’t actually understand the concept because they haven’t been given the information clearly, so here it is:

Vaping is the process of turning a flavoured liquid (e- liquids) into a vapour that can be inhaled.

  • The process involves an electrical current which is passed through a coil.
  • The coil is surrounded by cotton which wicks up the e- liquids you have chosen.
  • When you fire up your device the battery will send an electrical current through the coil, heating it and vaporising the e- liquids soaked into the surrounding cotton. When you exhale, this vapour is what comes out.

This is the process of vaping and is actually quite simple, right? Now that we’ve taken a look at what vaping entails, let’s explore the details a little bit.

What is a Vaporiser?   

A vaporiser is a device that turns your e- liquids into vapour, and these come in a range of styles and sizes. To break it down there is three styles of vaporiser: pens, sticks and mods.

Pen styled devices are commonly very thin and long, much like a pen. They can come with a refillable tank (clearomiser) or require a cartomiser.

A clearomiser is a clear tank that can be refilled, but the wicking cannot be removed. It makes the device simple to use however the whole clearomiser will need to be replaced if the wicking becomes burnt, but they are cheap to replace.

A cartomiser is an enclosed tank that you attach straight to a battery; once you have vaporised all the liquid inside you throw it away and attach another one, however, these are slowly becoming outdated.

E-cigarette devices explained

Pen Style Devices are favoured by those who are new to vaping due to the simplicity they offer. These devices, however, are usually what causes people to give up on vaping, but we’ll talk more on that later. The pen style devices are easy to use and feature an internal battery so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional batteries and chargers. These are often the cheapest option when it comes to vaping retailing around £10-£20.

Stick devices are slightly chunkier than pens. They pack a bigger battery which is usually built in, however, some devices do require batteries to be inserted. The bigger battery does mean you get more power from the device and a better vaping experience. They usually have removable coils so if you burn one you can replace it rather than the entire device. Stick devices are more expensive than pens; however usually retail around £20-£30 so are relatively inexpensive as a whole. To help you stick to your Stoptober challenge, Vapetto recommend a stick device to ensure a better vaping experience

They usually have removable coils so if you burn one you can replace it rather than the entire device. Stick devices are more expensive than pens; however usually retail around £20-£30 so are relatively inexpensive as a whole. To help you stick to your Stoptober challenge, Vapetto recommend a stick device to ensure a better vaping experience

Mods are a step up from stick devices and are usually highly customisable. A mod is just the body of the device, so doesn’t refer to the tank meaning they tend to be sold by themselves; however, there are kits that include a mod and tank to make the process easier for you.

Some mods do come with internal batteries; however, most require special batteries to be inserted. Certain higher end mods will have on-board menu systems that allow you to adjust wattage and the temperature that the device produces so you can personalise the vaping experience to suit you.

Mods come in all different shapes and sizes, some being quite compact and ideal for beginners while others are large and targeted for more advanced users. They are also more expensive than the previous two types of vaporiser, ranging anywhere from £40-£100+. 

Which Vape Device is right for me?

So moving on to the million dollar question, “What device should I get?” Well, this depends firstly if you’ve had any prior experience with vaping.

A solid choice for any beginner and a hassle-free Stoptober option is the Smok Stick AIO. This is a simple, compact device that doesn’t compromise on power.

It features an all-in-one setup; while this does mean you don’t have to worry about changing tanks, you will have to buy a new device if you smash your tank, but Smok kindly include a rubber vape ring that slides over your device to help prevent this. An easy top-fill system and sleek design make this device a pleasure to use.

If you’ve perhaps tried a friend’s device, but still only know the basics then Innokin’s Cool Fire VE Starter Kit is another great option. Still simple to use, this slimmed down kit has a built-in battery so you don’t have to faff with chargers and spare batteries, just charge and go.

With temperature controls in offers a variable experience once you're a little more accustomed to how you like to vape. Small and portable it’s a great piece of kit!

If none of the above tickle your fancy fear not! We have a huge range of starter kits and pen-styled devices available in our e-cigarette range.

Which e-liquid do I need?

We have covered the basics of vaping hardware and some beginner devices, but what about the e- liquids?

The main reason people try vaping and convince themselves it isn’t for them is that they’ve tried an old e- liquids from a dodgy cartomiser that they don’t like the taste of.

If you try something you don’t like, it may leave you coughing and hit your throat hard; but there are thousands of e- liquids on the market and not all of them will appeal to you. It could take two or three different flavours before you find one you like but the point is to find one that works for you.

If you’re thinking of choosing your first vape flavour for Stoptober then recognisable and simpler flavours such as strawberry or menthol. Our Stoptober bundle lets you try 10 different Vapetto flavours to help you find the perfect one for you for just £10.

Understanding e-liquid PG and VG

You may have heard about VG and PG ratios in e-liquid and be a bit confused about something that sounds a little technical. Well worry not, we’re about to explain it all!

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine and is what’s responsible for the vapour or clouds that are produced on exhaling. A higher VG mix is great if large cloud outputs are what you’re after, not so much if you’re trying to be subtle.

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is what carries the flavour in the liquid. E-liquid with a higher PG ratio will pack lots of flavour and produce less vapour. Like I mentioned above, this is ideal for subtle vaping.

If you’re just starting to vape higher PG mixes are ideal as they’ll help deliver the best flavours without having to contend with huge clouds.

What about Nicotine in e-liquid?

E liquids also vary in nicotine strengths which can range from 20mg which is the highest legal concentration, down to 3mg and nicotine free. The higher the nicotine the harder the “hit”, however, if you are trying to quit smoking then an e- liquids with nicotine might be more useful for slowly reducing your cravings. You can reduce the amount of nicotine in stages all the way down to zero nicotine e liquids which still offer the same flavour. 

These are just the basics of vaping and there is plenty more to cover so look out for our future blog posts. If you’d like more information on Stoptober and the range of resources available to help you stop smoking take a look at the official site. For further reading on going smoke-free and switching to vaping the NHS also offers some useful resources.