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Button Junkie: Crack Panda

Button Junkie: Crack Panda

Button Junkie


Apricot & Peach

  • 70% VG : 30% PG
  • 3x10ml
  • 3mg, 6mg,
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Crack Panda e-Liquid by Button Junkie is a fruity blend that you'll fall in love with. This tropical flavour packed mix is a juicy combination of succulent peaches and ripe apricots. Finally, it’s finished off with a subtle hint of exotic fruit and a citrus tang to give it a twist that takes Crack Panda above and beyond typical tropical fruit blends.

This 70% VG blend delivers a dense volume of cloud to accompany the flavour of full-on fruitiness, cream and lively zest.

What Do Button Junkies say about the flavour?

Like a used tissue, this Panda discarded bamboo a long time ago. The one and only overriding thought that fills his every waking moment is how to get more of this truly precious e-juice. His screaming taste buds crave the sweet apricots as they melt and merge with ripe peaches and a mysterious melange of tropical fruits. This wondrous flavour will make any Panda's fur stand on end.

About the manufacturer

Button Junkies are a UK based manufacturer or gourmet e-liquid with each flavour handcrafted and carefully tested. Created in an ISO Class 8 clean room and combining many years of expertise and experience Button Junkie have built a superb reputation for quality and taste. As well as Crack Panda, Vapetto also proudly stock Vulture Punch.

Which other flavours is Crack Panda Like?

With a blend of tropical tastes crack panda has similarities to other fruity blends such as Tropical Smoothie by Distinct and Dinner Lady Suntan Mango.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Bottle Size 3x10ml
Nicotine Range 3mg, 6mg,
Milliliter Range 3x10ml
VG : PG Ratio 70% VG : 30% PG
Wholesale Item No
Bottle Type No
MSRP £15.00