Transition From Smoking to Vaping

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Transition From Smoking to Vaping

Quitting smoking with e-cigs is a great way to ease yourself into a cigarette-free lifestyle, without going completely cold turkey. It’s a quitting tool that smokers in previous years didn’t have, and today, more and more cigarette smokers are successfully making the switch to vaping without looking back. However, it’s not always an easy or simple switch. If you’re thinking of quitting smoking using vapes but are unsure where to start, find out all you need to know with our guide to the transition from smoking to vaping.

The benefits of quitting smoking using vapes

Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for your health. That doesn’t mean we can always give up our long-entrenched habits readily or easily! Nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance, both physically and psychologically, and cutting down on tobacco is a challenge that not everyone feels equipped to meet.

By making the transition from smoking to vaping, rather than giving up nicotine entirely, quitting smoking becomes a much more gradual process. Rather than switching to nicotine patches, which don’t give you anything to do with your hands, vaping is a more satisfying substitute for minds and bodies habituated to the whole ritual of going for a smoke. Yes, it won’t be the same as lighting up a pack of 20 of your usual – but you also won’t be required to stand outside on chilly streets in order to get your nicotine fix. Vaping will also save you money – a powerful motivation for many cash-strapped cigarette smokers.

Why the transition can be a difficult one

Vaping has health advantages over smoking and is recommended by the NHS as an effective way to quit. But it’s precisely because of its differences from traditional cigarettes, that the transition from smoking to vaping can be a difficult process for many.  Don’t assume that substituting an e-cigarette for a tobacco one will be as simple as picking up one cylindrical object in place of another. Many people are resistant at first to the different rituals and sensations that come with the switch to vaping. But with a little preparation and persistence, quitting smoking with e-cigs could be the best thing you ever do. The advice that follows should help you gear up and feel more prepared to make the switch.

Buy quality vape hardware

Not all e-cigarettes are equal! When you first start to explore the many and varied vaping products on offer, you may, understandably, feel bewildered by the choice available to you.

  • Don’t go for the very cheapest e-cigarette you can find. Like anything, you get what you pay for – so do your research, take advice from others and select a piece of hardware that’s suitable for beginners.
  • Choose an e-cigarette that looks great. Here’s one way in which vaping really differs from smoking – you can have your pick of colours and styles. It’s a great way to make the transition to vaping into something exciting and positive.
  • Go for a simple e-cigarette that’s easy to use. Seasoned vapers like to make all sorts of adjustments and modifications to their hardware to customise their vaping experience – but that’s something that can come later, once you’re used to the process.
  • For more advice on choosing vape hardware, see our piece on how to choose your first e-cigarette.

Don’t be afraid to explore flavours

When you start making the transition from smoking to vaping, you’ll also encounter another big difference – and that’s the sheer variety of e-liquid flavours to choose from. This is a massive departure from traditional cigarette smoking, but it’s an aspect of vaping that we urge you to explore.

  • Not every flavour is for everyone, so if inhaling popcorn-infused vapour doesn’t do it for you, don’t despair, or feel that vaping isn’t for you.
  • Be adventurous and don’t be put off by one bad experience. There’s a wide range of flavour types available here at Vapetto – we recommend browsing the different flavours and trying a few before settling on a favourite.
  • VG/PG levels are something you’ll see mentioned in product descriptions and labels. These refer to the ratio of vegetable glycol (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) present in the mix. For beginners, we recommend going for a higher level of PG.
  • See our guide to choosing your first vape juice for more information and advice.

Slowly bring nicotine levels down

E-cigarettes are not a miracle cure or shortcut, so going cold turkey on the amount of nicotine you are ingesting is not likely to be a good idea. If you cut out the nicotine immediately, you’re much more likely to become quickly dissatisfied with vaping and be tempted to revert to your smoking habits. Instead, ease into vaping and cut down on nicotine levels gradually, which will help you to make the switch more effectively.

Be prepared for withdrawal symptoms including headaches and shakes; if you know what to expect and how it’ll feel, you’ll be better equipped to resist temptation and stay off the cigarettes. However, if you start with nicotine levels that are too high, you could experience a harsh throat hit. This part of switching requires a little experimentation, but the time invested in getting this right is certainly worth it in the end!

Vaping is a tool to help switching, not a cure

Making the transition from smoking to vaping is a journey rather than a magical solution. As such, it’s something best done gradually.

  • Consider starting with dual use to start with, using a mix of traditional smoking and e-cigarette use so that you can cut down on tobacco use without quitting altogether. You can then switch fully to vaping as you get used to the difference.
  • Willpower is still required when quitting smoking using vapes, but you’re giving yourself a better chance. “There is growing evidence that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking, with similar or better results than nicotine replacement therapies such as patches,” according to the NHS smoke free website.

  • Arm yourself with all the tools you can in order to make a success of your transition. As well as taking up vaping, get involved with a community of vapers online to help feel more involved and invested in your new habit. You’ll have a ready-made group of friends who can offer tricks and tips to help you make the switch to zero cigarettes.

Nervous or unsure about the transition from smoking to vaping? Read our blog on vaping for the first time.