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Vape maintenance: how to make your vape last longer

When you have finally found the perfect vape kit, it’s easy to get attached. After all, it’s an important piece of equipment that you probably use multiple times every day, which brings you pleasure and goes wherever you do! If your vape kit is important to you, you’ll want to get the best out of your device, protecting it from damage, guarding against wear and tear and enabling it to perform better for longer. Check out our in-depth vape maintenance guide for all you need to know about maintaining your vape kit.

Troubleshooting and preventing vape common issues

During the honeymoon period with your favourite vape kit, it’s likely that everything will go smoothly. But if you don’t keep up some simple vape maintenance, you might start to experience issues with your vape. Boost your vape lifespan by looking after it well - this doesn’t have to involve a huge amount of effort or expense but will mostly involve simply taking good care of your vape, keeping it clean and replacing parts at regular intervals. The key is to understand why certain vaping problems occur – and if you can, to prevent them from developing in the first place.

Tank maintenance guide

Many vape issues can originate with the clearomizer or cartomizer – the tank inside vaping devices that holds and heats the vape juice. This can become clogged with e-liquid, so understanding how to refill your tank is an important aspect of vape maintenance. While many tanks are designed to be replaced after a few uses, others are refillable. Either way, you can boost your vape lifespan and save cash by looking after them well.

  • Keep it clean. After detaching the tank from the rest of the device, empty any residual e-liquid from the cartridge and rinse with warm water. Use denture cleaning tablets for a more thorough clean, and ensure that the tank is completely dry before re-assembling. Pay attention when you put your device back together, to ensure that the pieces are assembled correctly.
  • Don’t run out of vape juice. Letting e-liquid levels get too low can lead to burnout. Always ensure that your tank is at least a quarter full. Also, make sure your e-cigarette is turned off when not in use – mistakenly pressing the vape button can use up your e-liquid without you even noticing.

Coil maintenance tips

Coils usually need replacing quite frequently – perhaps every 1-2 weeks depending on how much you vape day to day. That’s an ongoing cost, but you can keep it down and boost your vape lifespan with some clever coil maintenance.

  • Prime it before use. By breaking your new coil in properly before use, you can keep it in tip-top condition for longer. Once it’s in place, saturate the wick with just a few drops of vape juice before ‘dry inhaling’ with your device – taking a hit without activating the battery. Once you’re ready to turn it on, start with a lower wattage and build up to your usual power level.
  • Avoid burnout. As we saw above, low levels of e-liquid can damage your equipment. Keep your tank topped up and maintain a pause of 3-5 seconds between hits, to let your device refill with vape juice.
  • Clean it regularly. Yes, cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to looking after your vape, so this vape maintenance guide does mention it a lot! Clean your coils by rinsing with warm water. If excess e-liquid is lingering on your coil after use, blow it out to keep it clean.
  • Keep your wattage low. Higher wattage levels will prove more of an endurance test for your coils, so stay at under 80W to help maintain them for longer.

Looking after your batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be expensive to replace, so it’s in your interests to do what you can to maximise their capacity and lengthen their lifespan. And as with everything electronic, vape batteries can be unsafe if not looked after. Here are some essential tips for battery maintenance.

  • Clean them. Battery performance can be affected by dust and debris making its way into the terminal – the end that connects your battery to the rest of the device. Use a cotton bud to remove any foreign bodies.
  • Store them safely. Your batteries, and indeed your vape device itself, should be kept in an appropriate place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Don’t throw them in your bag with the rest of your stuff, as this will increase the chances of debris accumulating. Instead, use a dedicated compartment or separate pouch.
  • Maintain the right temperature. Too hot or too cold, and your battery life will suffer. Having said that, as long as you don’t exceed 45 degrees Celsius or keep your batteries in freezing conditions, they should be OK.
  • Charge them wisely. Don’t wait until your battery is completely used up to recharge it, as this will reduce your battery life. Equally, avoid overcharging your battery (easily done if you keep them charging overnight). Ideally, you should remove your battery from the charger as soon as it is fully charged.

Take care of your vape juice

You might not think of e-liquid as something to maintain. But if you’re only an occasional vaper, or you like to switch between a variety of different types of vape juice, there’s a chance your e-liquid could expire between uses. As it ages, e-liquid can lose its flavour, with a typical lifespan of around 2 years, so practise good vape juice maintenance to prolong its shelf life.

  • Store your e-liquid at cool temperatures. In a fridge is ideal!
  • Keep it in a dark place. Direct sunlight can hasten the ageing process, so don’t leave your juice bottles on the window sill.

So, there you have it. By following the tips in our vape maintenance guide, you’ll improve your vaping experience, save money and keep your precious vape kit in tip-top condition for longer. When you do need to replace one or more parts of your vape kit, head to the Vapetto online shop for all your replacement battery, coil and vape tank needs.  We also have a great selection of e-liquids to choose from.