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Vapetto Glossary

18350, 18650 and 26650 – Battery capacities available to power different types of vaping devices.

The smallest size is 18350 and is used in mechanical mods typically.

18650 is the most commonly used battery for a wide variety of e-cigarettes and mods.

26650 is a much higher capacity battery which offers a long-lasting charge for all day vaping.

Amps A measurement of the rate electrical energy flowing throughout a circuit. Vape batteries are measured in milli amh hours (1/1000 of an amp).

Atomizer This e-cigarette part is the heating element which is screwed onto the battery and requires replacing periodically. It consists of three key parts: Wick, Bridge and Coil.

Box Mod One form of e-cigarette modification that is square in shape and is which is powered by an internal battery or has room for an external battery for enhanced performance over stick style devices.

Blend A term for the ratio mix of PG and VG in e-liquid

Cartomzier  Self-contained units which house heating elements (atomizers) as well as e-liquid. These hold a little more e-liquid than devices with atomizers.

Clearomizer A tank in which e-liquid is placed into that is transparent so that you can see the level of e-liquid left in the device.

Clapton Coil A type of vape coil which consists of a core wire with tightly wrapped thinner gauge wire around it.

Clouds A description of the large volumes of smoke created by high-temperature devices and high VG e liquids.

Cloud Chasing Choosing e-cigarette device and e-liquid specification to produce the largest amount of vapor clouds. Cloud chasers compete in completion to achieve the most impressive plumes.

Coil A wrapped wire that is inside an atomiser which heats when the device is switched on and vaporising the e-liquid.

Direct to Lung Inhaling vapour directly to the lung without holding it in the mouth first. Dripping Placing e liquid drops directly onto the heating element or atomizer instead of using a cartridge.

Dry Hit Caused by a lack of e-liquid in the device a Dry Hit is an unpleasant tasting burnt flavour from an unsaturated wick.  

E-Liquid A blend of PG and VG along with flavourings and nicotine which is heated to produce vapour.

Flooding When an excess amount of e-liquid is added to an atomizer and causes vapour production to cease or greatly reduce.

Hit A single inhalation of e-liquid vapor

Lung Hit A direct inhalation of vapor to the lungs. See Mouth to Lung vaping

Mg Strength The level of nicotine within one ML of e-liquid.

Mod An e-cigarette device which is more advanced and delivers additional power and performance

Mouth to lung vaping holding the vapour inside the mouth first before inhaling to the lungs. Often a choice for those looking to appreciate flavour deeply.

Ohm A measurement of electrical resistance. Used to indicate how much resistance there is in the coil within an atomizer. A low ohm number means that the coil will heat faster.

Passthrough A device feature which means the e-cigarette can be plugged in and charged via USB whilst still being used.

Priming Soaking a new coil before the first use to help protect against dry hits.

PG Stands for Propylene Glycol and is one of the main ingredients in e-liquid along with Vegetable Glycerin.

Rebuildable Atomizer Allows users to use different configurations of wick and coil within their Atomizer to customise their vaping experience.

Steeping The process of allowing e-liquid to age in the bottle before use to enhance flavour.

Sub Ohm Vaping Vaping with a device which has coils with a resistance that is lower that one (1.0) ohm. This often results in larger clouds and is popular with cloud chasers.

Tank The part of the e-cigarette device that stores e-liquid

Temperature Control A device feature that allows the user to monitor and limit the temperature of the coil. This is achieved by the mod adjusting the power as the device is used to allow vaping at the chosen temperature.

Throat Hit An inhalation of vapour that delivers a slightly harsh sensation similar to traditional cigarette smoke.

Variable Voltage Mod An e-cigarette which offers the ability to change the voltage setting to affect flavour and vapour production.

VG Vegetable Glycerine is one of the main ingredients used in e-liquid. A higher percentage of VG produces more vapour than high PG mixes.

Wick The part of the e-cigarette in the atomizer or cartomizer which holds onto e-liquid and delivers it to the coil. This is often made of materials such as organic cotton.