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Where to Vape? Our guide to the best spots

For many people, the best thing about vaping is its community spirit. Vaping with friends is a great way to socialise and unwind. But before you fire up your vaping device, it’s important to check that e-cigarettes are allowed; many people find the clouds emitted by vapers to be anti-social, and e-cig use is forbidden in many areas. Stay on the right side of the law and find a vape-friendly venue near you, with our guide to where to vape.

Laws and restrictions in the UK

Following the smoking ban in 2007, smoking tobacco products in enclosed spaces was outlawed in the UK, with social smokers being restricted to using approved outdoor areas. This legislation was passed in the interests of improving public health and cutting down on the dangerous effects of passive smoking, but being a tobacco-free alternative, vaping is not covered by the Health Act 2006 which led to the ban. However, although there’s technically no legal reason why you shouldn’t vape in bars and cafes across the country, the majority of establishments now impose their own vaping bans, which forbid customers from vaping on their premises.

Bars, restaurants and cafes aren’t the only venues with restrictions on vaping. Train stations and airports impose blanket bans on the practice, and in offices, shops, libraries, cinemas and other public places, vaping is usually forbidden. Some hospitals and workplaces may permit vaping in a drive to encourage the transition from smoking to vaping, but there is no universal policy on this. In social venues where vaping is permitted, those asking where to vape are often directed to the smoking area rather than being free to use their devices throughout the building.

Essentially, there is no nationwide agreement on vaping in public, meaning that rules and regulations will vary from venue to venue – so do always check a venue’s vaping policy rather than automatically assuming it’s allowed.

Vaping cafes and other recommended venues

Where does that leave vapers wishing to indulge in public? Although many mainstream outlets have banned the practice, vaping is still allowed (and sometimes encouraged!) in some establishments – you just have to know where they are. More and more specialist vaping cafes, aimed at a specific clientele of e-cig users, are springing up throughout the country, while a select few national chains do still allow vapers to do their thing. If you’re wondering where to vape that’s local to you, check out our top UK recommendations.

Nationwide chains

Wherever you are in the UK, these pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants will welcome vapers. Great news for your next night out!

  • EI pubs (formerly known as Enterprise Inns). Most pubs under this franchise will permit vaping on the premises. They even stock vaping products! There are around 4,500 EI venues in the UK. As this is a franchise where publicans can make their own rules, do always check with your landlord that the vape-friendly policy does apply in your local.
  • D&D London restaurants. Mostly located in London, this restaurant chain also includes four outlets in Leeds, with a Manchester restaurant, 20 Stories, opening in 2018. Always check the vaping policy with the individual branch as these can vary.
  • Bill’s Restaurants. You may be allowed to vape indoors at these venues; check with your local branch.

London and the South East

The capital is home to an array of varied, vape-friendly venues. Whether you’re popping out for a bite to eat or getting glammed up for an all-night party, we can tell you where to vape in London.

  • Fabric nightclub. This legendary nightspot welcomes vaping inside the building as well as out.
  • Krayzee Vape, Enfield. A North London vaping café with a welcoming community atmosphere
  • London Vape Co., Camden. Vape café with a garden, which hosts regular vaping events.
  • Prohibition Vapes. This two-store chain of vape cafes has branches in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells.

South West England

  • Bettys Vapour Lounge, Camborne, Cornwall. A chilled space for vapers, complete with tasting bar.


  • Steam Tea and Vape, Nottingham. A place for tea connoisseurs and vapers alike, this venue serves up loose leaf teas alongside a selection of vape products.

Manchester and the North West

  • Parlour Vapes, Manchester. A vape café serving tea and coffee.
  • Shake ‘n’ Vape, Warrington. Enjoy a burger with your vape at this American-style diner.

North East England

  • Tup Tup Palace, Newcastle. This boutique nightclub in Newcastle welcomes vapers.
  • Cloud Café, Middlesbrough. Enjoy a coffee and cake with your vape at this vape-friendly café.


There has been talk in the past of banning vaping in public places in Wales, but at time of writing, it’s still OK to use your e-cigarette when out and about – subject to restrictions imposed by venues.

  • Ace of Vapes, Cardiff. This vapour lounge is the perfect place to stop for a coffee and a vape.


  • Liquid Room, Edinburgh. This nightclub and music venue allows e-cig users to vape indoors.
  • West Bar and Brewery, Glasgow. Vape alongside a pint at this pub and restaurant, with attached brewery.
  • The Ark, Glasgow. Vape in comfort in this city centre pub that boasts pool table, beer garden and big screen TV.

Northern Ireland

  • Rock Bar, Belfast. Wondering where to vape in Belfast? Rock along to this pub and restaurant on Falls Road.

This is by no means an exhaustive guide to where to vape in the UK – and circumstances change quickly, so do always check with the venue to make sure you’re up to date with the latest vaping policy. Many local, independent pubs, clubs and restaurants welcome vapers with open arms, so if your town isn’t listed here, don’t despair. It’s always worth asking at your favourite spots to find out which are the vape-friendly venues in your local area. And don’t forget to let us know where they are so we can check them out, too!